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Koh Samui basketball court, Thailand Basketball Court Installation

August 2, 2022



Product description


  Si-PU system material can be directly installation on concrete, asphalt base, recycle black granular layer, rubber mat. It is researched and development of new materials which is for all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports surface project. It is just to replacement of acrylic and traditional PU material. Particularly durable, professional, environmentally friendly and economical for sports flooring project.

SPU is a reinforced, smooth acrylic coating specially formulated for use over asphalt or concrete. It is an all-weather, non-abrasive, textured, multi-purpose athletic surface.

An economical and durable alternative to acrylic acid and cushion acrylic system, SPU provides an easily maintain and color intense surface. SPU is ideal for basketball as well as volleyball courts, tennis courts, play areas and multi-sport recreational areas.Silicon PU system is an advanced sport court surfacing system designed to provide players with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training.